Pagan Unity Association & EarthTides Join Forces

Hello friends and supporters of the Pagan Unity Association.  We have spent the past several years working to produce the annual Pagan Community Day held in Portland each summer. 

After our last event in 2018 we realized that we wanted to broaden our mission to include providing more ways to build community connection through events, meetups, and online happenings. At the same time, we were having our discussions, EarthTides Pagan Network, was undergoing a process of revitalization and was seeking volunteers to assist with their work; work that was nearly identical to what we were proposing.  We quickly recognized that working together may be our best option. 

After discussing it as a board and with members of the EarthTides board, we decided the best option for both organizations, and our community, was to pool our resources.

We are happy to announce that the Pagan Unity Association is merging with the EarthTides Pagan Network.  We are excited to add our support to their 30+ years of work connecting and supporting pagans in the State of Maine. 

Our Facebook Page and website will remain up for at least the next lunar cycle while we undergo the process of merging the two organizations.  We will also be merging our mailing lists so that we can ensure the community remains connected to resources and information.

We are excited for this new way to support our community in Maine and look forward to creating deeper connection in the years to come.

Thank you,

The Pagan Unity Association Board

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