Maine Pagan Community Day: Call for Panelists

Maine Pagan Community Day is coming up on August 4th.  As part of the day’s events we are hoping to host panels on a variety of topics of interest to the pagan community. We may not have all of them – it greatly depends upon how many people are interested and able to be on the panels.

If you are interested in being a panelist on any of the topics below, please email with which panel you are interested in and why.

  • LGBTQ+ community and paganism
  • Guidance for beginners and seekers
  • Traditions (a panel made up of folks from a variety of traditions who are willing to answer questions from the audience)
  • Community building
  • Pagan families
  • Pagan values and everyday life

Please let us know if you have any questions!  Also if you are interested in vending, performing, or presenting please visit our Maine Pagan Community Day event page.

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