We seek to host events that support and grow the pagan community.  

Dancers – 2016 Pagan Unity Day

Pagan Unity Association Events:

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Community Events*:


Wednesdays (starting 10/4) – Temple of the Feminine Divine Open Temple (Bangor)


1st – 7:30PM – Open Community Circle (Portland)

5th – Full Moon in Aries

6th – 3:00PM – The Weaving (Buxton)

8th – 14th – Wild Maine Witchcamp

9th – 6:00PM – Interfaith Dinner (Bangor)

15th – 2PM – Samhain Tea (Bangor)

18th – Paganism 101 (Bangor)

19th – New Moon in Libra

21st – 7:00PM Paraween (Bangor)

22nd – 1:00PM – Annual Pumpkin Slaughter (Auburn)

29th – 1:00PM – Samhain Ritual and Potluck (Auburn)

31st – Samhain

31st – 7:00PM – Samhain Ritual  Temple of the Feminine Divine – (Bangor) – FMI:  Email


4th – Full Moon in Taurus

4th – Samhain Gathering – ADF – (Ripley)

12th – 7:30 PM – Open Community Circle – The Ancestors (Portland)

15th – 7:00PM – How to Host a Pagan Coffee Talk – (online)

18th – New Moon in Scorpio

18th – 2:00PM – Maine Pagan Clergy Association Quarterly Meeting (Jay) – FMI: Email


*These events are not endorsed or sponsored by the Pagan Unity Association.  Interested parties should contact the organizers directly with questions or concerns.  Thank you.