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Ride sharing

We have a ride-sharing group set up to help facilitate finding carpooling partners. If you need a ride or can offer a ride, join and post where you are and how many seats you need or are offering.

Note: Please be sure you know who you are riding with and stay safe!

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What to bring

Here’s a list of suggestions for what to bring with you to Pagan Unity Day.

What to bring:

-Refillable bottle or cup (recommended)
-Sunscreen (that means you, Lorelei)
-Food donation
-Lunch or funds to purchase lunch from vendor Pinky D’s
-Pen and paper for journaling (for some workshops, see website)
-Pillow(s) or cushion(s) (for some workshops, see website)
-Outdoor/camp chair (church furniture may not be used outside)
-Gently used Pagan-themed items (books, ritual tools, candles, etc.) to donate to the White Phoenix table (we’ll sell them for reasonable prices and help them find new life)
-Family and friends
-Smiles, hugs, and positive energy
-Cash (many vendors will not have the ability to accept cards and there is no ATM on the property)

What not to bring:

-Pets are not allowed on the property (never leave a pet in a car on a warm day). Service animals are, of course, welcome.
-Alcohol or illegal drugs
-Rain, snow, sleet, hail, or any other form of falling precipitation


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