2018 Pagan Community Day Schedule

10:00AMA2U2Welcome to Pagan Community Day!Welcome to Pagan Community Day. We hope you have an awesome time.
11:00- 11:50AMRoom 6Herbalism: A practical true holistic path

Loona Wynd

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Herbalism is one of the few practical skills and paths that works to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Between herbal medicines, aromatherapy, and magical practices herbs provide a way to unite the mind, body, and spirit all at once. We will cover local wild herbs, grocery store herbs and plants you can grow how to work with them for health benefits and how to connect to them spirituality and with magic.
Room 7Maine Pagan Clergy Association Meeting (Adults 18+)

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Please join the Maine Pagan Clergy Association for their quarterly meeting. This will be a chance to meet and greet, cover basic MPCA business, learn about what we do/can offer, and build supportive connections between Clergy and the Pagan community.
Room 8Prosperity Workshop
(Adults and older teens)

Lorelei Greenwood

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We will use money-drawing herbs and spices to create a prosperity blend for you to take home.
Children’s TentPagan Coloring (All ages – children under 13 must have an adult accompanying them)Join us for some coloring fun. Pagan themed pictures ready for coloring are provided as are crayons and other coloring fun. There will be an opportunity to share your pictures with everyone by hanging them up to display.
12:00 – 12:50PMThe GreenCommunity PicnicBring your lunch and a blanket to enjoy a community picnic on the green while being entertained by Dark Follies!
The GreenDark Follies
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Live music, ritual dance, belly dancing, an amusing radio play, and so much more! Dark Follies will entertain you while you enjoy your picnic lunch on the Green.
1:00PM – 1:50PMRoom 7Traditions Panel:

Sister Cheri - Ordo Templi Orientis

Kevin E. Emmons – Druidry

Kerry Robinson – Gardnerian Wicca

Janine Marie Gorham – Heathen

Presenter Information
A panel discussion on a variety of Pagan traditions. Panelists will share a short overview of their tradition and take questions from attendees. Join us for a lively discussion
Room 8Beginner Pagan Panel

Lorelei Greenwood

Nikki Starcat Shields

Loona Wynd
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What do beginner pagans need to know? Join us for a discussion of things new seekers often encounter when they begin to explore different forms of Pagan spirituality. Come with your questions!
Children’s TentBeading (All ages – children under 13 must have an adult accompanying them)Make a mediation bracelet!
2:00PM – 2:50PMThe GreenDance Showcase!

Presenter Information
Performances by Anathema Steele, Joie Grandbois, and more...
3:00PM – 3:50PMRoom 6Magickal Manners and Energetic Ethics

Janine Marie Gorham

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Magickal Manners and Energetic Ethics. Let's talk about science, I mean Magick. Energy, yours, mine, ours. To be a more authentic and effective Humans we should know about and be aware of our energetic boundaries. Ever run into a psychic vampire? How should we greet each other? I'm not a hugger, handshake? What to do when you go to a place where Magick is being practiced? Are you Empathetic? and sometimes overwhelmed? In this workshop we will learn some simple and practical ways to keep up your energetic safety and hygiene.
Room 7LGBTQ+ Paganism Panel:

High Priestess Beverly Ellison, LCSWV

Shelley Holloway, M.Ed - Cornucopia Collective

Loona Wynd

Presenter Information
A panel discussion on being an LGBTQ+ pagan and the issues that they face. Panelists wills hare a short overview of their experience and take questions from attendees.
Room 8Developing Will

Sister Cheri
(Older teens and adults)
Presenter Information
Developing a strong and pure will is an absolute pre-requisite to building the lives we want, as well as to doing effective magick. In this class, we will build on the premise that in the realm of choice, we may act with either will or compulsion. We will also cast a skeptical eye on the idea that what we often call True Will is a point-in-time achievement or discovery. We will learn to view will as a skill that must be practiced and mastered over the course of our lives.

We will also review a framework for evaluating the health of your own will and spotting the ways in which compulsion may be weakening it. Finally, we will discuss practical exercises that strengthen the will and manage compulsion. By the end of the class, attendees will be equipped to act with intention and enjoy the effects of exercising their will in their lives.
4:00PMThe GreenCommunity Ritual

Raffle Drawings